Management Service

We currently manage 50 luxury apartments in Budapest, 95 % is rented.

Before rental Service
For us is very important to have the apartment rented. So whether we refurbished the apartment or not we help with the following:

When you buy the apartment:
We register all the utilities to your name and go to visit all the utility/internet providers, and sort out all the difficult and time consuming paperwork for you.

Furniture: we know what the tenants need, we can help with the full furnishing of the apartment. If the tenant later needs something in the apartment and approved by you we will arrange it.

Renting the apartment out:
So one thing is sure every potential foreign tenant who arrives to Budapest or any local tenants will know about your property. So not more is possible to do to get the apartment to rent it out as soon as possible.

Moving in service: for us it is very important to have a good tenant in it so we try to check and filter the potential tenants to be sure that they will be good tenants, pay in time and don’t damage the apartment.

Service during the tenancy period :

Moving out service: